Bringing you strips with a twist.

We’ve created two lash systems that’ll revamp your lash game.

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Luna DIY

A luxury eyelash extension system designed by a qualified professional, you can achieve salon-grade lashes all by yourself. Discover your inner lash-pro, you won’t look back.

  • One application lasts up to 10 days. For all those busy bees out there.
  • Includes 20 eyelash segments. Enough for 2 full applications.
  • Alternative to semi-permanent. And much less damaging.
  • Water-resistant. Swimming, washing, watersporting – you’ll still be looking lashtastic.
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Luna Liner

Bringing you the latest in lash technology, our pressure-sensitive, adhesive eyeliner pen is a game-changer. No more glue means no more mess, just pure lash perfection. For those that want to keep it simple.

  • Daily application. Change your lash style to suit your outfit each day.
  • 2-in-1. Both your eyeliner and your lash adhesive. But if eyeliner isn’t your thing – we have a clear option too.
  • No glue involved. Less mess, more wow-ness.
  • Zero drying time. Get into your look quicksharp.
  • Feels like your regular eyeliner.
  • Come rain or shine.

Who’s batting their Luna Lashes?

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